Fly Ep

by Instance

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Fly Ep is the prequel to my second LP 'The Superegular'... these are 5 exclusive tracks that didnt make or didn't fit in with the final album... enjoy and look out for the Superegular LP out soon!


released October 18, 2010



all rights reserved


Instance London, UK

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Track Name: Just Step (Part 2)
High note, i know how to break an O and run it,
back in the day its kinda funny, how this shit can get you money,
05' epidemic, only right that i get it,
got the Work in the sock, limping as i sell it,
repetition repetition bagging up so efficient,
never drop a damn flake, practiced perfect my precision
whip coke like a pro-feshional,
never weighted over one deci-mal,
no matter how i cut it knowing all people want it,
im a servant to the public, n it got me feeling gully,
knowing other cats are on it, with a bee in their bonnet.
if theres trouble then im on it, but i don’t think they want it
my game plans solid, no association wanted,
out of sight out of mind, yet silently i don it,
cant tell me coz i done it, record deals well i fund it,
but one thing never funny was the money money money.
im clocking like clockwork, and around the clock work,
i never ever ever drop work, i wanna go clock first,
serve the turf reimburse, with the boys who merk the worst,
creeping deep in the dirt with thirst for the cursed
so called celebrities can never get ahead of me,
Im feeling like a pedigree, thats bred to make enemies,
enemies make salaries but i was getting ten of these
got everybody’s remedy, untouchable like leprosy
small fry to big dogs, would all see all my shit robbed
i dont tick to dick wads, equalling a kick off
picture me 22 burning dirty money,
with the gift and the curse and the hundreds i was running,
stab wounds in restrooms, strategic like chess moves,
cruel things that men do, when out to get you
how you gonna creep when they burst in your bedroom,
their eyes through the bally, don’t say it wouldn’t effect you

now tell me whats realer, im a hustler not a killer,
sat smoking chinchilla with my mind set to scrilla,
pick a time pick a spot ill be there on the dot
deep in the alley tucked away from the cops,
tell me whats realer im a rapper not a dealer,
the tracks that I make straight classic no filler,
pick a time pick a spot, not there too hot,
spending all my time tryin to out fox the cops

backstabbing guys, hanging round me like flies,
Thoughts of jack moves and jail time, plus too many lines,
im watching my back, got more engrossed in this rap,
coz i could rap, oh yeah ya boy Instånce is fat
liquidated my stash, formed a label called crack
starting spitting all the facts, on the sickest of tracks,
wrote this verse, learned, then I practice re-rehersed,
wait my turn burst, make you motherfuckers learn
blessed with street knowledge and the power of the dollar,
speaking out like ayatollahs, if you feel my flow then holla
proceed to pop your collar, if ya feeling like a baller,
best believe that the way i rip it up is no tall order
pay attention listen, collectively my mission,
is to increase my commission marking out my position,
if you got a problem listen, sign up the petition,
were on the same hustle guess were heading for collision...
Track Name: Deliverance
Survive the pressure that we weathered, do or die we do together,
With a passion can’t be measured, got me floating like a feather,
always little silly things that make me reminisce and dream,
So I fiend for a time back in the day we were a team,
Your the type of girl i must admit, as a boy i thought id never see,
Be careful what you wish for, nightmares start as fantasies.
A pair of rotten throwbacks we both had our drawbacks,
I met you as a boy but then i left you as a man,
Your a drug im hooked, someone inject the lust,
if you know the rush and buzz im on, you wouldn’t give a fuck,
ether tequila, opium fever day dreamer,
one day ill have to kick this habit withdraw and leave her,
but baby thats another day, for now i’ll stay roll the grade,
send ripples through my little world, i swear ill ride the wave.
So crash up on my sea shore like a see saw,
Up down up down, problems i can see more...

Haunted by my dreams, wake up gasping sweat beads,
Dripping from my body, so disturbed i wont speak
Time to wake up shake up break up make up,
Baby there’s an issue and i think we’ve hit our peak,
Domestic situations exploding detonations,
im Bleeding in a jail cell, result of altercations.
maybe we can do it, if you wanna work it through it,
but the angel on my shoulder said its over and i knew it,
Plus your living too fast, like im flying on concord
stepping out like a model coming home like a crack whore.
Looking buff on a night acting wierd and lonely
Like Winehouse on a binge with a couple roadies,
Little kids you call friends, self centred and phony,
sold you out in a flash, now you cry and you hold me,
so don’t wonder why i hate them and act like a dick,
coz i aint on their level, coz i love’d you to bits

Your lies about me on the low, was like the final blow
backstabbed like Ceaser when a dagger pierced his robe,
no doubt in my mind that you’d claim im crazy,
a storm in the sack, but domestically lazy,
the bottom line is, no girl before change’d me,
they end up on the back foot, smitten and faded,
but your bullet proof and even cupids gat,
shooting straight at your heart, would only give you a scratch
i needed proof for my brain, amy nuts and my heart,
that we dwelled in the dark and it ripped me apart,
so when i look to the sky and gaze at the stars,
i wish you the best i just pray you stay far,
doubt many man, or any man could walk in my kicks
my angels mask slipped and the truth made me sick
medusas stare, twisted snakes in her hair,
made me stone cold bare, forever trapped in her lair,