The Superegular

by Instance

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night time


released August 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Instance London, UK

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Track Name: Haiku
Swig of the rum back, pinch out my skunk bag,
Dropped in an L, that i rest on my drum pack,
Roll back, yeah I smoke that, lay back,
Mind frame better get with the programme,
Lazy days in the life of Instance,
Thoughts abstract like smoke in the distance,
Distinctive, chilled flows like Winston,
Velvet tones from breath of my tin ribs,
Counting sins from the top of my hit list,
Phone ring ring, that’s some shady old business,
Ring ring, thinking bout linking,
Past escapades back in the day got me cringing,
Way back when way before id ever done yak,
Sipped on the cognac, bopped to the boom bap,
Cold fact, now im caught in the rat trap,
Trade anything to get an inch of my soul back,
Get with the lingo, nicknames slogans,
No subtitles on the corner of the road blood,
Redistribution, chase status,
Angels slip on my inclined matrix,
Full moon iris, grandeur of titans,
Life flies by, wont clock mileage,
Silicon baby, float through the nineties,
Pushing up daisies, ghost super highway,
London cyclone, west of meridian,
Aim for a billion, one in a million,
Back to reality sober at bus stops,
Noose round neck, daydreaming of a blow job,
Isolate thoughts, Easter Island,
Hemispheres move, under eyelids,
Relocate figure eight, in a format,
Hung up on time, no call back,
Connect metaphors, like literary childs play,
Everyday dark day, chenged on the parkway
escapades on the verge of a new day,
Brave new world, new scene, new movie,
New breed, new dreams, turn new page,
New sights, new vibes, new rules made,
New times, new vices, new doomsday,
New highs, new crimes, new school mate,
Far away from the green and feng shui,
I pen a haiku against a distant mainframe,
Track Name: Swerve That ft. Gemma Tilley
My militia got my back, turn you endz to the gaza strip,
The MC murdering war time journalist,
Spitting for your ransom, peace we disturbing it,
Third degree burns if you even try serving it,
Let alone biting it, wack ciphers counterfeit,
catch me if you can Leonardo di Capri tip,
Part time gangsters talking but you never do,
A bunch of pesky kids, fake villans like in Scooby do,
Beef kept raw keep em bounce like a butchers dog,
Willy fog global floating right above the city smog,
Cut throat atheist preach like forgotten gods,
Satan chill bones wrap up from the city frost,
Burn crops till eyes drop, weathered out like dott cotts,
Loosing my marbles, like elgin on greek robs
Rackets like Slazenger get me out to panama,
Toking on havanas, bumping salsa in a crowded bar,
Many thongs drop dangerously handsome
Fly like boeing cop virgins like branson
Head and tail like quarters, mothers daughters,
Pass the stop sign, don’t say i never warned ya,
We Swerve on the fast lane, better move over,
I Got more soul than ugg boots and loafers,
Scribble riddley lyrics tale, represent the leeds end
Knowing fake sonnets from the rhetoric of martyred men
Never mersh merging words under any pseudonym,
Let alone performing at the clubs you be boozing in,
Stepping out the spot light, wipe brow with towel,
Crave crowd respect, like ive just signed with cowell
Or starred in 8 mile, testified in a trail,
Like Versaces assassin ill murder your style
Sour milk for screw faces keep all pussies checked,
Thats V to the X if you don’t know the rest..

Simply beating, is all I have to say,
Coz its seems were meeting,
Another perfect day,
Keep me feeling, keep me moving on,
Coz red aint working,
Its green for going on and on.

Ill Break out of rap for just acting raw,
And bless silverscreens like im gridlocked Shakur,
I’ll front on my set till the crowds give applause,
And my licence to thrill get me pussy galore,
Your better off stacking shelves, go and get a degree,
Coz these days everybody wants to be an MC,
So pitter patter wack rapper chitter chatter,
But wipper snapper never dapper rat faced looking knackered,
Recommend some vitamins a good jog and a salad,
With ya boy through the ipod for some motivated talent,
With drunken swagger think ya biggy plus diddy,
Break up a ciggy get a roll on wiv a ziggy,
Your a giddy liabilly when ya puffing on a twiffy,
Fucker front like fiddy betta split like a jimmy,
Subliminary rip this, ventriloquist lip tricks
Ur styles pre-rehearsed like the way that Britney lip syncs
Track Name: Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash
Were ready for the nighttime, something in the nightsky,
Fresh garms, kicks girl, tell me who the fly guys,
Predrink prequels, few lines let go,
deep in the city where our rep grows, tech flows,
flyboy phemonemon like comets that were coming on,
smashing through the scene that be flimsy like a poppadom,
tightrope walking step to my escapades,
young king spitter double edged like a switchblade,
Always guestlist coz we got the connex,
When were up inside the club all we get is respect,
Got live-o locked coz we smash every set
get a bottle at the bar for the girls who look best
some of that EXTRA EXTRA read all about it,
Drop headlining slogans, smoke potent, then bounce kid.
leeds rap singers, skin twiffer we deliver,
this dizzle beat killer, resurrect J.dilla.

Seven days a week, im on the beat man,
And we cant stop now coz we flood the street man
Keys open doors, keys open doors
Got the key to the city, and my feet to the floor

I take one step off of the stage and im met by,
Girls giving sex eyes ,saying its bed time,
Got a couple shots and a bottle of becks,
Line up a petrone, plus a corona with fresh lime,
We delve in, coz we session like yeltsin,
knock out shots round one let the bell ring,
I can drink with the George Best of em,
With a Dorchester in my jaws, with pure cess in it,
Tonight my instinct screams binge drink,
The rider coz me covered so its a win win,
Ching ching, got everything but a kitchen sink,
Though ill probably need one soon to be sick in,
Quick thing throw it up get back to it,
Lost mad fluid but i gotta laugh through it,
Give me a tab with the brews on tap for free,
Tonight i came to your city with the master key.

Seven days a week, im on the beat man,
And we cant stop now coz we flood the street man
Keys open doors, keys open doors
Got the key to the city, and my feet to the floor

backdoor of the rave, hail a cab in the rain,
bottle of liquor in my hand, houseparty once again
sirens hollow streets, flash blue for robberies,
reflecting through puddles, like strobes for clubbers g
swagger turns stagger as the booze take effect,
street lights a blur as we zoom through the endz
northern hip-hop vanguard... let me vibe,
leeds zone six derelict by design,
camera phone as i spit to catch a man slipping,
my worst prewritten still eclipse em why you tripping
to some you the main man, to us lame brands
bitch slap fake raps, laidback in ray bans,
the steez bro, cyphes that be 50 deep,
street smart prose, murky foes from city streets,
where no students go, weak flows rendered obsolete,
our logos on clothes, and the girls think were monarchy.
Track Name: Lucid Dreams
my flow cross time zones GMT zero
from Rio de Janiero to up where the mir floats
deep outer space to the underground
back to the city where my name be the talk of town
Twitching curtains, schitzo tyler duerdan
nights spent concerned or out drinking with vermin
sleeps no escape, dreams dark like tim burton
jump out of bed think ive been murked for certain
ayawaska rituals, psychosis of tribals
tripping to the valley where i consume my rivals
voodoo herecy, blasphemy with the bibles
where lunar eclipses gravitate with the tidals
contemplate elements, time gets nearer
turn off al-jazeera, sucking bongs to Akira
paranoid mind games, twisting up my high grade
lonely nights, dick in hand, deep down when I stay

stress in sin city, I try avoid slipping,
Thoughts spilling out head at night when im tripping,
lucid dreams pressure paranoia and karma,
depict my lifestyles caught up in the drama,

I represent this settlement with seminal eloquence
words irrelevant when utilising swagger for evidence,
fuck class A medicines, I burn ya mind with intelligence,
getting busy energetic, educated from tenements,
LS6 district, my northern maze backdrop,
narcotic paradise, hell on earth timebomb,
daily escapades taught me ways to play the game
maintain my iller ways, delay the grave, blaze the grade
till i fade, hell raise a trail straight out the flames
on a higher path on higher plains
predatory tendencies hereditary in crime rates
from rift valley primates, to illa state mind state
judicial hypocrisy crumbling economies
make average citizens the victim of a sodomy
aint no stopping me filling bags like colostomy
shot to fiends for shoddy fees, and stacking up my rotten Ps..

stress in sin city, try avoid slipping
thoughts spilling out head at night when im tripping
lucid dreams, pressure, paranoia and karma
depict my lifestyles caught up in the drama

My thoughts implode, via big bars and egos
cyph on rotation like roulettes in casinos
no elite here though, no prada bellismo
nuff fatal bambino's floating up as angelino
cats mixing drugs till its deeper than the chemo
scoping as we quoting all the written bars that we know
swagger and steelo AG curbelo,
from the burbs to the ghetto, what up people,
friends feeling jealousy, frenemies turn enemies,
and morph into monsters
Twisted up tryna pull yet im failing horribly
In a futile pursuit of your gynaecology,
Smoke a saggy zoot picking fruit straight from your money tree,
dream of better days fucking honeys and the lottery
Track Name: I'm Trouble
they kicked ya door through a week last tues,
And the fingers on you, so what the fuck you gonna do
Hope i get this message through, someone snitching on you dude
its no-one in the crew so i didn’t have a clue
but some girl broke stooped low and told the police,
the situations getting grim since that day on the street,
they picked me up on the corner lucky, just sold a quarter,
for 6 hours of questions, the heat was like a sauna
just so you know our alibi's so so,
coz even after 10 we know our wherabouts fold,
plus jodie and joe knows, that no one really knows bro,
the time and the place we left the spot in the zone bro
cops said you switched, i should give up the game,
you know their tricks they probably told you the same,
kept denying all the blame, as they put us in the frame,
but despite all their claims, my voice never changed,
within the crew the tales standardly cloned,
the only way were getting blown is if were tripping up stoned
so stick to the script, hopefully you’ll be home,
kicking right back in the yard, with a beer and a cone,
plus they got no proof, so our versions the truth,
No witness in the stand to put our neck in the noose,
despite the things that you do, ill hold it down here for you,
send me a visit slip letter and ill come visit you

Im trouble, im trouble,
you better steer clear, trust me kids you dont want it round here,
Im trouble, im trouble,
the real fucking deal, even boys in the pen tell me i need to chill,
Im trouble, im trouble,
my record aint clean, i got arrested for possession at the age of 13,
Im trouble, im trouble,
theres a 1000 other me's on your block every night tryig to reclaim the streets

Smoking rolls up in the garden and struggling to spark one,
we coughed our lungs up, anf then persist till were hooked,
we climb up factory roofs and we blasted altern8,
we were there for the lead, smashed every window in the place
Getting chased around the way, by bigger boys on the estate,
Smoking resin on a bottle and i watched the thing deflate,
we used to hide my red eyes, and the fact we had a blaze,
we found that porn stash we were totally amazed,
and call a boy a scrubber, you get punched in the stomach,
coz my trainers were the proof, that it was close to the truth,
we started growing up, and blazing harsher green,
pulling girls looking mean in eclipse spliffy jeans
from knowing we were nothing to thinking we were large,
BMX handle bars to riding stolen cars,
Once you got slapped on my street that night,
we came back 30 deep, he got the beating off his life,
revenge is a notion thats as old as the bible,
so we stick to the side where we won’t see no rivals,
enemies want out blood, guess its part of the cycle,
I owe it to my mums to ensure my survival
now please understand that when your deep in the place,
get approached by a team with a shank and screw face,
they out for your paper when your clocking a wage
and these fuckers don’t play, so its bray or be brayed
now you see the process that makes us rescentful,
when were sat in remand wing playing Nintendo
my boy from the estate, skipped his court date,
arrest warrants out, so he’s staying at my place
but that was time ago

Im trouble, im trouble,
you better steer clear, trust me kids you dont want it round here,
Im trouble, im trouble,
the real fucking deal, even boys in the pen tell me i need to chill,
Im trouble, im trouble,
my record aint clean, i got arrested for possession at the age of 13,
Im trouble, im trouble,
theres a 1000 other me's on your block every night tryig to reclaim the streets
Track Name: Favourite Mistake
I’m a tricky young boy from around the way, and you girls aren’t getting away
She licks her lips in a chemical haze, as the strobe lights dazzle her face.
My eyes stay glazed it’s my favourite game drifting place to place, Im your favourite mistake

Enie menie minie mo, all these girls are on the go, which one would loose control, im digging deep for gold
Homing in on insecurities, like magpies to jewellery, and double edged compliments to keep em all in tune with me
Connect on any level im a seminal professional, so singles or cheating wives, could catch my eye tonight

Vampiric qualities offer breaks from their monotony, a certain type of danger curiosity no stopping me
Its feeding time her pupils wide, im spinning lies to precious finds, encounters of the darkside I sense the blind
Alcohol is the catalyst, the sexual to manifest, the sins of the flesh so complex, her heads a mess

I’m a tricky young boy from around the way, and you girls aren’t getting away
She licks her lips in a chemical haze, as the strobe lights dazzle her face.
My eyes stay glazed it’s my favourite game drifting place to place, Im your favourite mistake

As superficial banter slowly leads us to suggestive twists, and furtive energy to possess her need an exorcist
The rain and dark skies seals us firmly inside as the hours fleet by I start to sense her soul is mine
I know my purpose not defined when a thousand hearts are mine, my only premise is.. love is blind

Now question who you think you are, what morals you obey
the blackness we could burn like stars and send our souls astray
I don’t do this all of the time, but I think your one of a kind
And if your drawn to trouble baby we’ll have one hell of a time
Track Name: Ghost
Out raving bouncing and buzzing and met a girl called Black Russia,
Her eyes were grey but yet dark you’ll never see her,
We sat alone off our face discussed our loves and our hates
We just flirtatiously play, guess were just dreamers
She’s done it all posed for pictures, survived a car crash
With stitches, you gotta witness the fitness and scars on her face,
Shes got a love for the drugs, knows gangsters dealers and thugs,
And if shes after your Love your girl is history
guess the presence of danger I fell in love with this stranger,
Unifying us cainers, i take her to my town
At day break shes undressing, and now shes asking me questions,
Good at keeping me guessing, so I don’t make a sound
Shes lived a life in the fast, heard broken the tales of her past,
Like when she clinically died from an O.D,
Her eyes reflected the pain, but she had something to gain
And with emotional strain she would control me.
Her tales of death n addiction, backed up, kidnap and stripping,
I keep picture her grinning as she bared her soul,
And then deep in my mind I sensed the devils in side,
That burning up when she smiles, but it made me icy cold,
feeling empty and hollow with a sprinkle of sorrow,
guess she wont sleep for tomorrow coz now its party time,
I guess I had to comply, but I must of made up my mind,
Think bonnie and Clyde to ride with solid alibis,

We’ve see the chemical dawn, I can still hear this song,
Its like an angel with thorns, stopped the world to sing
I had my innocence torn, the nights infected by song,
I met this angel with thorns, and now we really begin
From bank fraud to dealing n dining out and then leaving,
We sit together whatevernd the world we scrutinise
I know the red sky that morning was sent to show me a warning,
But It just lit up her eyes I’m feeling hypnotised.
We had discussions of love for each other and drugs,
N Sparks flew when we touched I thought I made her mine,
I know needed correction, rehab and demons addressing
I annotate to your question, she was living blind..
Her hairs dark and it flows…. like words that I wrote….
Or nightmares that i know… will never leave my mind
She promised me life, but I should have known from her eyes,
I started spotting her lies, she took me on a ride
Capable of such scheming, and manifested by demons….
Its like internally bleeding, tearing from her womb
Were two incompatible kinds, who self destructively drive,
Each other out of our minds, and race through catacombs,
Intoxicated perception, imagination regression,
I need to ask her the question, are you my worst dream?
I woke up and shes gone, but I can still hear this song,
We’ve been together so long, but now its history…
Track Name: Black Suit
And i came with my black suit me and my crew on the attack
modern day ratpack, cept we rap fat,
you knew this you knew this,
didn’t you boys notice, that we’d grown beyond this,
holdheartedly promise, we came here to don this,
I conquest this quick, like torpedo hit a ship BANG
Sink to the bottom of the sea, deep deep where fishes sleep
so bad dude, in a casket due, see you in a black suit,
Im ruthless im ruthless, you bark but your toothless
im the UKs frank lucas, where the rich girls and foolish,
line my pockets man i do this, no better than a judas,
you know you’d pursue it, if it made your rhyme better
like a go getter, hot stepper, top shotter whatever you‘ll never
be the man, key to a gram, stone to a pan, score to a hand
rules of the land, talking is wack, always protect the fam,
that means from you, weak tactics and ya slack crew,
in black suits mothers mourn pay our dues, so respect due

Cold as ice in a black suit, boss is back in a black suit
Feeling good in a black suit, Looking hood in a black suit
Drunken fights in a black suit, at their wake in a black suit
Roll the dice in a black suit, Nothing nice in a black suit

eat my flow or i force it down your throat either way,
im still getting paid any which way, living proof crime do pay
Concepts of my mind switch, its devils sidekick,
throw my cards down reveal triple six, hoping you’ll flip
see you checking out my suit, im a well heeled slick dude,
whos too cool for schooling adtoo sick for flu ATCHO,
now your infected, or blessed with the techness,
textbook techniques wreckless, i flex this relentless
stone to a puddle make waves, and i ripple through your worst day
tsunami, foolheartedly go against my army,
am i bad like they say? don’t know! wanna test me? then lets go!
don’t get me in vex mode and hype reps in clef notes
see a gypsy once told me that id die before 40
with my fortune before me, i lay these tracks, mourn me
see the pendulum tick tock on my grandfathers clock as i watch
tie a double Windsor knot, brush my shoulders off im gone
so long....
Track Name: Elements ft. Defenders of Style

Ya clocks ticking when ya hear my little drip dripping,
sip victim in a little mix ill extinguish it,
the brim splilln on my venomous clicks winnings,
i surrounding Britain levels rising cause and incision,
the tsuami i cruise through your crew fast,
you dont swig your delude as mugabe,
i move armies unable to come part me,
they so vastly emersed in my thrust carnage,
ice out bling on beats that makes the drums sway,
melt but never dissapear confronted by the suns rays
the raised on polar caps open the flood gates,
when dams bust you can tell me how the flood tastes
i suffocate if my level is above the face,
youll run for days and still never ever dust my weight,
dont come play coz the depths are known to serve muders,
the first purpose to dominate the earths surface.


you cant see me ever present in this light of day,
for fire you require me, the last will take your life away,
utilities you burning me and bringing solar light this way,
im feeling heated and melt the caps, combined with water tidal waves, spiral in proportion why if give me warning,
is a behavior so appalling to the damage youve been causing,
creep in yor lungs, infect you with the smog, respiration stalling haemoglobin getting clogged,
not talking amsterdam im talking cancer with a stop,
canister and mask of me at atmospheres top,
find it hard to breathe house on fire death is calling,
like chernobyl spread the threat of nuke in wales sheeps are falling,
im falling now the earths blue, falling to the curve suit,
keep evading UV rays are teetering waves to hurt you,
naturally im fresh and i dont really want to hurt you,
but sometimes im so fly im bringing you the bird flu.


Stuck in the grit and slanging dust till you earn,
the world relentless turns as people learn masquerade in my dirt,
from day one of our inception evolving from the germs,
to these urbanised sprawls populated from birth, yeah
We keep polluting the earth and in a chemical curse,
That's perverse too late for damage reverse…
my tectonic movements open where crews step, carnage on dancefloors where dub plates are useless,
i breath a blunt, give a fuck sift through my sediment,
find jewels underground, drop rubies like eloquence,
a foolish mans detriment, diamonds fund war,
coca leaf cultivation make addicts want more
commodities demolished, by the slaves of demonic,
the global economics to expand the wallet.
the roots sink deep as i bless life celebrate
Death valley meditate to andean heavens gate,


we got the flya, burn the kaya drops are hot like papaya, flock from the shire never tire you man are copping a fire,
the beats the can of gas i got the match lit im touching,
spew flow hotter than lava like mt etna in eruption,
dump fuckers like to puncture take aims at a novice,
pen my verse spread my words quicker than flames in a forest,
in clashes we vigorous, turn to ashes if your sick of us,
man who think hes fly fall from grace like the icarus,
no liquorice sweet tooth, get redder than beetroot
ahead of you weak crews, with benefit cheats to,
develop many strengths to end than terrible chief who, assemble bars for trends present to credible preview,
we burn yo, mix the lemonade with pernod,
as well as the ink drips the spit stick like inferno,
no mersh flow rappers hear the break and start to gurn yo,
bring 3rd degree heat on the beat with my concerto
Track Name: The Superegular ft. Sonnyjim
I aint no Z list chasing tree hugging bastard,
Politicking half wit middle class raaated
cartoon characters wack crew amateurs,
get ragged through massacred, yammed by my cannibal
black rain dwelling, dark alley street cretins,
on some cocaine selling, to a hooded up bredrin,
kamikaze jail bait, hustle through the courtcase,
narcotic peddling, so fuck what the law says,
not that a score pays much for my porsche phase,
stepped on a key, flip it all out in four days,
on city block chessboard squares that we enforce,
pawns take horse no remorse, project thoughts
heat like Darfur, prang from my snowstorm,
I Kilimanjaro coz Garcias marked for
said simply keeping it hardcore…
Echoes of the streetlife, ring on the dancefloor
A ketamine dancehall, bouncing to taskforce,
Stashed from 5.0 know that I charge for,
trendi students that que for the lavatory,
To snif rotten compounds of shoddy pharmacology,
all day class A, viable economy
despite all the profits overdose horrors me,
boom bap policy sick crews follow me,
we shine like stars… astrology,
travel at supersonic speed, freeze
High rise tower over faint lit streets, breathe…
My mind cascades sparking chemical elements,
Via deep perspectives of desolate tenements
TV screens transmit through the BBC
grey scenes of the inner city..
contorted faces of pissed off citizens,
and gridlocked highway road rage militants,

They tell me chill fam your moving too fast, i put the goose in the glass, no eazy but im ruthless with rap,
back like i never left and i rock shows like megadeath,
no i aint no metal head, listen its lights out you better put the pipe down and pipe down,
skyhigh flow'll put your flight down,
raps spray like a showerhead, im pissing on your flowerbed, if i see dem egg and flower dem,
coz time waits for no man and you fully know ive been searching ill strike while the irons burning,
its too hot over your head like a roof top,
blood its time to move off the futon,
all these new rappers on some wierd shit, what kind of operation are you running here kid,
disrespect your venue, no i aint here to dance, none of you bears can rap crumble like a maryland,
man'll get slaughtered like marys lamb, i aint got a clue how to get back, but ill settle all the set backs,
jet pack airborn, making noise airhorn,
new zealand crep all black airforce,
won ton a rapper use my noodle, catch me in the crib, home cooked apple stroodle,
yessir who the fuck is fresher than i, tell a lie coz them cant deny,
this is the shiznot, got suck a shit stick,
your getting parred if you holla me,
dont disrespect yourself hell for the unprepared,
devil knows how i sin casket and a hyacinth,
sing a hymn for me our a drink for me,
need a squeeze get the whole squad in for free,
me plus 10 coming in, what motherfucking name,
eatgood representative Sonnyjim.
Track Name: Dont Get it Twisted ft. Tha PCP
Weve been away for a minute but dont ever get it twisted weve been busy making sounds for the streets,
man hows things changed in my city so i had to keep it moving went to LDN to reclaim the streets

but dont get it twisted, dont get it twisted,
dont get it twisted, man you'll see us anywhere,
but dont get it twisted, dont get it twisted,
dont get it twisted, girl we'll take you anywhere,

Despite tenacious relationship with much of this rap,
much love to the heads in the game no lie,
Soggy guys get to braggin bout they running every spot,
see us dominate a cyph and they’ll just stroll by,
they got weak production and ill devised breakbeats,
nauseous deterent mersh melodies that bait me,
money grabbing wack defender fame fiending skets,
culturally retarded rap stars better laid to rest
im talknig the best, I forfeit counterpart,
professionals, better levitate your bars,
raise up game with mechanised efficiency,
Postman like pat, bringing first class delivery,
similes and riddles be like wordplay wizidry,
Technically fiddly with prickily delivery,
Haters walk a labyrinth thinking that they figured me,
Pipped to the post like Barak did to Hilary,
boom box symphony calligraphy is imagery,
words translate into cartoons killing sprees
more heads than a guillotine, roll in my infantry,
mimicry get massacred by the military,
hotter than a summers day in hell there aint no stopping this,
swerve with the top down straight through the metropolis
sending motherfuckers straight back to the apocalypse ,
hood rat economist avoid the politics..

Im a 16 short, that 16 floors too short of a promotion a boat on the ocean,floating no-where how i just been there, moved on quick, take a break
no skip that shit, swing it from the hip a little bit,
i guess you seen an eclipse,
im a fiend im engulfed by it,
this is a quest for it, here is the best of it,
blessed no stress ahead of the rest,
question is do you juice my jizz or looss me biz,
whos the kid i boost the noose around the fizz,
truth is everything around is his,
see i seen it, take it shake it, watch all fakers break around and quiz how we doing this shit,
were workaholics bitch dont get it twisted, coz business is sick.

You better get that, get that, if ya broke, stretch that,
Never ever fake that, cats never rate that,
fans i will pay back, with vibes i create that,
Real rap, liver than ya boy and i state that,
Track Name: Passenger
i know the night has fallen and the sky will cover me,
and by the break of dawn the city will have swallowed me,
i know the night has fallen and the sky will cover me,
i see what evil seeds and soon it will wash over me

i step off the train into thick brown haze,
a thousand suits walk toward as i move against the grain,
Dusty streets in my effervescent dreams...fade to black,
As my mind fleets, creep on tips of my feet,
sounds of the street, windows down feel the breeze, as we flee,
a global economy, forever growing horribly,
shiny flatscreens flash up more monotomy...keep focused
serene vibes ring from the depths of my headphones,
feeling kinda different....guess im not alone,
storm clouds gather rain wash away the pain,
slow it down shut my eyes let the drops hit my face,
people dash, skip puddles,like they running ina race,
to reach a dry place but they end up the same
spot a faultless a girl with deep green eyes,
we share a two second moment....frozen in time
i twist my neck back try see her from behind,
but she merged in the crowd and i loose her to the night

i know the night has fallen and the sky will cover me,
and by the break of dawn the city will have swallowed me,
i know the night has fallen and the sky will cover me,
i see what evil seeds and soon it will wash over me

kicking leaves in the rain, pulling thoughts from my brain,
check my name on faded posters, still feels strange,
my ipod ticks rotate my thumb,
and drowns out the noise of the city where im from,
senses in overdrive, the scent of the street,
smoke rings torn by a light northern breeze
i avoid new faces, in the deepest districts,
through hostile cities, with their drunks and misfits,
we are just passengers...
a stranger any place that we don’t call home
modern life on the brink, funds sinks like the kursk,
boom and bust cycles bubbles go burst
now theres panic at the disco from leeds down to heathrow,
the M1 flows south,
watch street lights blur as i speed through these towns,
via mainstream or underground